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Managing Director (Sales)
Kari Malmivaara
Tel: +358-500-710 261
E-mail: kari(a)

Product Manager
Markku Lehmuskanta
Tel: +358-400-939 677
E-mail: markku(a)

Administration (Invoicing)
Minna Malmivaara-Soini


Arctic Taste Ltd is the oldest producer and supplier of high quality caraway seed in Finland. Our company started to export caraway in 1991 and today it delivers caraway to the biggest spice companies in Europe, United States and India.


Production facilities and laboratory are located in Janakkala, 25 km south from Hämeenlinna. Address Vanhamikkola 224, 14200 TURENKI.

Product manager is Markku Lehmuskanta, +358-400-939 677,

Marketing office is located in Kalvola, 25 km north from Hämeenlinna. Address Rauhalahdentie 58, 14500 IITTALA.

Sales manager is Kari Malmivaara, +358-500-710 261,

The production of caraway is based exclusively on contract farming. The contract farmers send seeds to Janakkala to be cleaned and packed. Every lot is analyzed in our own laboratory.